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Reconnect with your soul, evoke purpose and intention to transform yourself, your community and the world.

Nicole Lescher, LCSW

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Ever since I can remember I have been drawn to people, listening to their stories and being inspired by the power of human connection. Now I get to listen to people as my profession and I continue to find great joy and meaning in it. I am often overwhelmed by the human experience and profound gifts and pains that we all carry. I started Bravemind Counseling after working as a social worker and therapist for 6 years in a variety of settings and serving populations with a wide array of needs. In all of my work I have learned that humans have simple needs.  We all share the same need for love, belonging and purpose. We experience depression, anxiety, grief, shame and discomfort when our fundamental needs are out of reach. Healing is accessible to everyone. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I work from a holistic perspective, with equal focus on ones body, mind, spirit and purpose. I believe emotional and psychological stability are beautifully intertwined with ones environment and attention to all these areas are part of the healing journey. I am trained in Brainspotting, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Crisis Intervention and Solution Focused Therapy. Theoretical frameworks that guide my practice include Humanistic, Transpersonal, Empowerment Focused, Somatic, Intuitive and Mindfulness approaches.


Rites of Passage work has also influenced my work acknowledging the importance of ceremony around important transitions in life. The loss of these ancient rituals in community life has proven a great loss to all of society. Trained as a Vision Fast Guide, with the School of Lost Borders, I interweave these practices in my therapy sessions. Bravemind Counseling also offers an Annual Rite of Passage program. 

Beautiful Landscape

The Bravemind Way

You are doing the best you can at all times given the wisdom that you keep and your life circumstances. Humans are living in a time unlike any other, apart from land and community. This separation is unnatural and lends to profound loss of self, connection and purpose. At Bravemind Counseling, we know you are not separate from nature and the global experience of mankind.  Our work together is aimed at acknowledging how the drastic change in modern society has impacted our mental health and our soul. Join us to work together to explore, nourish and revitalize your spirit and sense of purpose during this time like any other on Planet Earth. We believe that all people hold profound wisdom in themselves. When this wisdom is harnessed great healing can occur and set the foundation to share your purpose and gifts with your loved ones, your community and the world.

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