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Individual Rite of Passage

Do you feel the call to initiation? Have her heard the mountain calling your name? Is it time to be witnessed and held in ceremony to mark your next phase of life and sever from your past identity?

Rite of Passage initiations have been celebrated by our ancestors around the world for thousands of years and have been a crucial part of human and community development. A Rite of Passage ceremony marks the transition from one phase of life to another and has three distinct parts, Severance, Threshold and Incorporation. Common life transitions include birth, adolescents, graduation, parenthood, marriage, divorce and death. However, there are many more important life transitions that go unacknowledged. In our rapidly changing world, humans are going through more transitions than ever, yet we rarely take time to sit with the change, to acknowledge the process and claim our new self. The absence of this awareness, in addition to the loss of these rituals in modern life, has negative consequences for humans and wider community. We see a drastic increase in technology use, disconnection from others and nature, less effective communication, unhealthy individualism and mental health challenges. Our three part Individual Rite of Passage program guides you through your own Severance, Threshold and Incorporation, initiating you into your authentic self.


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We must let go of what no longer serves us, to make room for what is growing inside us. The Severance is the first stage of the Rite of Passage and it marks the beginning of the ceremony. Severance begins the moment you decide to embark on a Rite of Passage journey. As humans we are constantly changing and it is important to not let our changes happen without awareness. Some questions to help you explore your Severance planning are: What have I been carrying that I am ready to let go of? What aspects of my old self are no longer aligned in who I am or who want to be? What ways of thinking or relating have I grown out of? Who am I now? What story or relationship am I letting go of?


Spend half the day in nature and ceremony. During the Threshold, you will spend 2 hours on the land by yourself to sit with your intention, ceremonialize your severance and embody your new self. During the Threshold you will find yourself in a liminal time, a realm between your old life and the life you are stepping into. On the land, you will get to create a ceremony unique to you, focusing on your severance, intention and honoring your direction in life. We will provide you with a Self Generated Ceremony guide written by Meredith Little, co-founder of The School of Lost Boarders. This will help you decide which ceremony elements are right for you. Some questions to ponder: What is my purpose? What is my role in my community? What is my role as a human being? What are my gifts? Where can I share my gifts?

Meditating on hillside


The final stage will last the rest of your life, for we are always incorporating the medicine we get from the Rite of Passage ceremony into our lives. The most important part of a Rite of Passage initiation is bringing your new embodied self and gifts back to your loved ones and your community. A true gift is one that is shared.

Program Schedule

Day One: Severance

1 hour counseling session focused on your Severance and intention setting.

Day Two: Threshold

The Threshold ceremony will take place in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Come prepared with something to sit on, lunch, plenty of water, clothes for a hot day, ceremony objects, journal, open heart and Bravemind.

Day Three: Incorporation

1 hour counseling session focused on helping you incorporate your Threshold experience into your life in practical ways.

Fee: $390 (can be paid in full or in 3 payments of $130)

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